1 in 4 girls start their periods with no knowledge of whats happening to them. Its time to talk about periods.



We want to destigmatise periods by encouraging everyone to talk about it openly.  On It aims to do this by getting kids talking to each other in a friendly environment where they feel safe. 



With our network of experts, our cards will hold all the information needed to learn the period basics. We want to bust the myths surrounding periods. Making the youth more informed will help them make healthier decisions about their bodies.


Worldwide periods are stigmatised. But what's so weird about them? Periods are the female bodies natural way of keeping itself happy and healthy.  



women of reproductive age in the world


girls are embarrassed by their period


of these women embarrassed by their period

1 in 4

girls do not know what a period is when they start 

that's 1.16 billion women!

this mentality is being passed on through generations!

Girls as young as 

are starting their periods

imagine not knowing why you're bleeding

Menstruation is a taboo topic.

Unless we start opening up about our bodies, we will never be fully confident in them. We need to start being honest with each other. It's time to break the taboo. 

Ending Period Poverty.

Our indiegogo campaign allows you to buy packs for schools.
At On It we want to ensure that people of all backgrounds are equipped with the correct knowledge about menstruation. Armed with this knowledge, children are more likely to sustain healthy menstrual hygiene and seek help when needed. We will soon be launching a 'buy one, send one' scheme where a low income school will get a pack for each pack bought.


Here are a few of our favourite people that are fighting the period taboo around the world. Check them out!

Menstrual Matters

Menstrual matters offers great advice on normal symptoms during periods along with free calendars to help you track everything.

Menstrual Hygiene Day

On the 28th May, Menstrual Hygiene Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of menstrual hygiene. They aim to break the taboo surrounding periods.

Red Box Project

The Red Box Project works to provide free menstrual supplies to girls in schools, making sure no girl misses school because of their period.
Bloody Good Period is a charity fighting period poverty in the U.K. They supply asylum seekers and food banks with menstrual supplies for free.

Bloody Good Period


We consist of 4 design engineers from Imperial College London. We are all passionate about improving period education as we have witnessed how little girls can be taught.



Connie Dodgshon

Karolina Jankiewicz

Leah Pattison